4 How to Get Help

Beyond physical and online resources, Bertrand Library provides help through its dedicated, expert staff.   Depending on your needs, you’ll find helpful staff at the main Library Services desk, the Research Help Area, the Tech Desk, and Special Collections/University Archives on Lower Level 1.  You’ll find our contact information and more details about library services on the  library’s Research by Subject guides. Help is available via email, chat, Zoom, phone, and in person when the library is open.

Research Services help options

Librarians provide help at any point of the research process, and we can guide you towards credible sources that meet your research needs.

You may schedule an appointment with a librarian through “Get Research Help.”  Note that appointment times are in Eastern Standard Time.  During regular semesters, you may stop in for assistance in the Research Help Area on the library’s main floor.

Watch:  Why Students Should Make a Research Appointment with a Librarian

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