3 Get to Know Bertrand Library

The Library is the heart of Bucknell’s campus in more ways than one!  The goal of this ebook is to familiarize you with the wealth of library resources and help available to you throughout your time at Bucknell.  Our hope is that you gain confidence in doing library research through finding, evaluating, and using information in a variety of formats.

Bertrand Library holds physical collections and provides access to ebooks, databases, films, and other materials.  During regular semesters, the library’s main floor is a hub of activity. The main service desk is where you go to check out books and other materials, including clickers and other equipment, with your BU ID. The Tech Desk offers expert help for your technology needs.  The library boasts a number of seating options on its five floors.  Learn more on the library’s website.

Watch:  First-year Orientation Video Introduction to the Library

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